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Strategic Planning Committee - Next meeting (TBD- After July 10th)

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Last Revised: Thursday, July 05, 2007

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Strategic Planning Committee


Dr. John Walstrum, President
Ms. Shauna Weatherby, Trustee Chair


Amy Goings


Joyce Loveday; Tony Robinson;
Carmen Green; Lisa Colombini-Hyke;
 Melissa Siedlicki; Roger Nix;
Bill Coyner; LaRita Mandley;
Dean Lamb; Roberta Wirth;
Gary Covington; Karen Specht;
Mabel Edmonds; Robert Kurtz;
Linda Schoonmaker; Kathleen Mandt;
Vicki Harter; Chris DeLaney;
Jim Mancuso; David Myers

It is critical that every stakeholder that would like to participate have the opportunity to voice their comments and/or concerns. You can do so at the by clicking on the following email address: strategicplan@cptc.edu